A fresh new website for a local theatre charity

The Brief

Shepshed’s beloved charity, Act One, ignites creativity and confidence in young performers through two dazzling musical productions each year.


However, their website, once a valuable tool, had become outdated and struggled to capture the magic of their work.


Recognising this, Act One partnered with us to create a vibrant new online presence. Our goal? To craft a website that truly reflects their mission: empowering young performers through the magic of theatre.

Act One's website, while functional in the past, no longer reflected their impactful work. The outdated design didn't effectively showcase the amazing things they do. Maintaining the site was cumbersome, and a lack of a modern content management system meant updates required a developer, limiting their ability to keep the information fresh.

Stuck in a time warp, the website resembled the early days of the internet. Cluttered with jarring color combinations, it left users feeling overwhelmed and disoriented. Finding specific information, like how to donate, became a frustrating scavenger hunt through a labyrinth of static pages.

The website lacked essential features modern users expect. It offered no search function, making it difficult to find specific information. Long lists of content on archive pages were unmanageable, and a complete absence of responsive design meant the website was unusable on mobile devices.

The Outcome

Act One’s website has undergone a dramatic transformation, propelling their online presence into the modern era. It now truly reflects the inspiring charity they are.


Empowering Act One with the user-friendly WordPress platform, the website allows for effortless content updates. This ensures a constant stream of fresh and relevant information for visitors.


The website boasts a bespoke custom theme, a dedicated space to showcase upcoming shows, a fully functional blog, a secure members area, a user-friendly contact form, and a fully responsive design for seamless viewing on any device.


To complete their digital transformation, Act One’s brand identity received a modern refresh. Their logo underwent subtle tweaks and vectorisation for a cleaner look, while carefully chosen fonts solidify their modern and impactful image.


Act One's website bursts with large, captivating images showcasing their latest productions. A clean and simple header keeps the focus on what truly matters - the awe-inspiring performances.

Act One can now effortlessly update visitors on their latest productions, ensuring the website remains a vibrant hub of fresh information which keeps audiences engaged.

To keep supporters informed and engaged, the website features a fully functional blog. Act One can use this platform to share general news and updates with both members and the public.

“We could not be more grateful for the hard work and creativity of Weird Wolf Agency and they have absolutely revolutionised our approach to online content creation. They have not only transformed our website, but have overhauled our much beloved logo and brought us into the twenty-first century. The design is now sleek and modern but still with its traditional charm and bright colours. The website itself now reflects our new contemporary logo with its bold posts and informative style. We love how easy it is to update and with all the support from Carl we know we are in good hands as we move forward with this adventure. Thank you Weird Wolf Agency for all your creativity and support.”

Act One Youth Theatre | Charity Leader