The Brief

Born from a single truck in 1987, Trans Haul has grown into a logistics powerhouse. Their impressive fleet of diverse trucks and trailers tackles warehousing, contract packing, and a full spectrum of logistical services, supporting businesses across the UK and beyond.


Recognising their website’s shortcomings, Trans Haul sought our expertise. The site’s dated design and lack of modern features created a frustrating user experience. Incompatible with newer devices, it plagued users with errors and bugs, becoming both visually unappealing and cumbersome to navigate.


Trans Haul needed a website that could be their online powerhouse. Their current site couldn’t effectively showcase their diverse services, communicate their core values, or highlight their impressive fleet. We were eager to put the wheels in motion and help Trans Haul reclaim their rightful place on the digital map.

Trans Haul's homepage, weighed down by walls of text and underwhelming imagery, failed to captivate visitors. This basic design missed the mark in showcasing their impressive fleet of vehicles.

Trans Haul's service pages offered a frustrating experience. Scarce visuals made understanding their offerings difficult, and key service details were buried within the text. The broken footer lacked essential links, accreditation badges, and crucial company information, ultimately eroding user confidence.

Trans Haul's information-dense pages transformed into frustratingly long slogs of text. Packed with details, these pages lacked any visual elements to break up the monotony and failed to include clear calls to action. This resulted in a disengaged user experience and likely contributed to low visitor retention.

Trans Haul's outdated and error-prone contact form posed a significant security risk. The lack of basic form validation allowed for spam submissions, while the ineffective CAPTCHA did little to deter automated attacks. This combination created vulnerabilities and a frustrating user experience for genuine visitors seeking to connect with Trans Haul.

The Outcome

Trans Haul’s website has been completely revamped, launching their online identity into the 21st century. The new site beautifully embodies their dedication to providing valuable logistical services across the UK and beyond.


Built on the user-friendly WordPress platform with a custom-designed theme, Trans Haul’s website empowers them to effortlessly update content. This ensures a steady flow of fresh, relevant information for visitors.


Trans Haul’s website captivates with stunning visuals of their fleet and a thoughtful design ensures user retention. Dedicated service pages with clear layouts make information easy to digest and a user-friendly contact form simplifies enquiries. The fully responsive design ensures a flawless experience across all devices.

Trans Haul's homepage bursts with colour, showcasing their impressive fleet while delivering a crystal-clear understanding of who they are and the services they offer.

Trans Haul's website prioritises ease of use. A dynamic sticky header with drop down menus follows you as you scroll, allowing for quick navigation to any section. Smooth animations and clear iconography accompany text, ensuring information is readily digestible.

Eye-catching calls to action are strategically placed throughout Trans Haul's website. Not only do they encourage user engagement, but they also serve as vibrant mini-billboards, showcasing Trans Haul's impressive fleet.

Trans Haul's services are now clearly presented in a search-engine-friendly structure, making them easier for customers to find. Bespoke icons add a memorable touch, enhancing the user experience.

To streamline communication, a user-friendly contact form featuring data validation and robust spam protection ensures genuine enquiries reach Trans Haul directly.

“Working with Weird Wolf has been an absolute pleasure. Their expertise truly shines through, and we couldn't recommend them more highly. We're thrilled with our new website, and it's already generating positive feedback from both existing and new customers.”

Nigel Machado | Managing Director